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The IFCC is happy to announce that Prof. Khosrow Adeli will assume the role of IFCC President, effective May 15, 2020, until the end of December 2023. The IFCC Council ratified the Executive Board recommendation for Khosrow Adeli, President-elect, to assume the role of IFCC President. 

In summary 57 societies voted (out of 90 having the right to vote). Full details of the ballot may be found from the independent company that conducted the ballot:


On behalf of the IFCC Executive Board and the IFCC membership, we congratulate Prof. Khosrow Adeli in his new role. 

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IFCC Information Guide on COVID-19.


Two Webinars added to the Guide &
Weekly Updates


This guide aims to organize relevant available information on laboratory screening, testing protocols, diagnosis, and other general information on COVID-19 for laboratory professionals, including links to helpful resources and interim guidelines.

Webinar on COVID-19 – Approach to Laboratory Testing and Biosafety - Cosponsored by

  • Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists (CSCC)    
  • Roche Canada

Professor Giuseppe Lippi (Italy)
Clinics and Pathogenesis of COVID-19 and Laboratory Biosafety Concerns


Professor Khosrow Adeli (Canada)
Molecular and Serological Testing of COVID-19

To listen to the Webinar Recording click on this link:

The 90 min recording, prepared by CSCC, includes presentations by above Speakers and following panel discussion session.

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TransAsia Webinar on COVID-19 – Challenges in Laboratory Investigations and Clinical Management – Cosponsored by

  • Transasia Erba Mannheim

Professor Nader Rifai (US)

Boston Children’s Hospital Dpt of Laboratory Medicine


Professor Mark Berg (US)
Stanford University California


Professor Leo Poon (HK)
The University of Hong Kong Hong Kong SAR (China)


To listen to the Webinar Recording click on this link



Share the IFCC Information Guide on COVID 19 with your colleagues and all those who are facing this emergency in your society and institution. The IFCC Guide is continually updated as new guidelines and literature become available