1. Clinical flow cytometry in 2019
Guest editor: Katherina Psarra

2. Flow cytometric diagnosis of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria: pearls and pitfalls – a critical review article
Bruno Brando, Arianna Gatti, Frank Preijers

3. Flow cytometric analysis of monocytes polarization and reprogramming from inflammatory to immunosuppressive phase during sepsis
Marilena Greco, Aurora Mazzei, Claudio Palumbo, Tiziano Verri, Giambattista Lobreglio

4. Evaluation of sample quality as preanalytical error in flow cytometry analysis in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Eszter Szánthó, Bettina Kárai, Gergely Ivády, Sándor Baráth, Marianna Száraz-Széles, János Kappelmayer, Zsuzsanna Hevessy

5. Immune cellular evaluation following newborn screening for severe T and B cell lymphopenia
Johannes Wolf, Karolin Dahlenburg, Stephan Borte

6. Flow cytometry in the diagnosis and follow up of human primary immunodeficiencies
Ulrich Salzer, Ulrich Sack, Ilka Fuchs

7. Past, present and future of flow cytometry in breast cancer – a systematic review
Maria Andreou, Evrysthenis Vartholomatos, Haralampos Harissis, Georgios S. Markopoulos, George A. Alexiou

8. Summer school in flow cytometry for immunology: report from a successful ESCCA experience
Katherina Psarra, Genny del Zotto, Alexandra Fleva, Areti Strati, Marianna Tzanoudaki, Silvia Della Bella